acid merde
acid merde


"Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling."
Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie  (via sparap)

OBLUDA. KIERÁ NEMÁ SVÉ JMÉNO (The Monster without a Name)

Tunnicchio !

Nepal par Fernando Moleres

Michel de Salzmann on the purpose of having a body, from the current summer issue: “Embodiment.”
"This body is not mine. It belongs to the dweller–but it is mostly not available to the dweller so thedweller is not there. But it belongs to the dwellerbecause only him does it give itself completely.My state depends on the quality of energy in the body. I can take refined energy from the air in breathing from this centralattention. The dweller needs this. There is a subtle energypenetrating the body, moving through it, and I can perceive that because I am a human being.Now I begin to recognize a higher intelligence. An Attention,which is not mine, can be received–received by a finer bodywithin the physical body.The thread of this subtle influence–recognize that, be withthat. That is what the body is for. It is nothing without that.”–Michel de Salzmann from Notes on the Next Attention, ed. Fran Shaw (New York: Indications Press, 2010)Photography Credit: themidnightrun on Flickr. |